Nokia X60 Pro 2024 Price, Specs, Release Date, News

Nokia X60 Pro 2024 Price, Full Specs, News, Release Date 2024! Every year Nokia offers a wide range of high-quality phones, such as flagships, mid-range, and cheap high-performance phones, to meet the users. There will be a release of the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 at that time. There is no doubt that this is fantastic news for everyone with a smartphone, but even more for the Nokia fans who hold a special place in their hearts for these devices.

Nokia is regarded as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones today. There are several mobile phone shops around your area where you can purchase a high-performance Nokia smartphone. Before buying, take the time to read all the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 details. There will be many features that you will find out about in this article, such as the price, specifications, release date, news, and an upcoming smartphone, the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024.

Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 Full Features & Specifications

Below you will find full details of the features and specifications of the Upcoming Nokia smartphone. There are a lot of components within this Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024, including Display, Storage, Camera, Battery, Sensor, and many others.

Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024
Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024

Display: We will discuss the Upcoming Nokia Smartphone Display in more detail. To make a phone take advantage of its full potential, there is no doubt that it has to have a good display. The Nokia smartphone, which will be available soon, comes equipped with a 6.9″ Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen, and 1B Display, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. With a display resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels, the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 is a mobile phone that was made to maximize your viewing experience, which is excellent news for users waiting for the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024. This mobile phone also features an “Always-on display,” which is an excellent feature for the users.

Camera: The smartphone has a very high-quality camera, which is one of its best features. There is a Quad 200MP primary lens added to Nokia’s back camera, a 32 MP ultra-wide lens, a 16 MP wide sensor, and a 5 MP depth sensor for the back camera. In addition to the rear camera, a front camera with 64 MP and a flashlight for taking selfies. You’ll get the usual features, like Zeiss optics, LED flash, Panorama, and HDR.

RAM and ROM: In addition to 12/16 GB of RAM, the Nokia Phone X60 Pro 5G 2024 offers two storage options: 256 GB and 512 GB. It is possible to extend the storage capacity of this smartphone by using a microSD card with a capacity of up to 1 TB.

Operating System: The Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 device features a powerful processor and lets you play games and browse the internet. There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor on this phone. Furthermore, it comes with the latest operating system, Android 14, as a part of the software section of the smartphone.

Battery: The battery of a smartphone is an essential factor to consider when buying a smartphone. There is a non-removable lithium-polymer type battery of 6890 mAh on the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 to ensure the continuity of its performance over a long time. You won’t need to recharge this phone for at least 36 hours. There are 65W Quick Charging features on this phone, one of the most popular features you could ever find on a flagship device. Wireless charging is also available on the Nokia X60 Pro 5G phone.

More Info: Sensors play a crucial role in the operation of a smartphone and are an integral part of that device. Therefore, Nokia’s upcoming phones have the latest sensors, like fingerprint scanners (under displays), accelerometers, gyroscopes, proximity sensors, compass sensors, Audio Jack 3.5, USB 4.0, and barometers.

Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 Release Date

People who are fans of Nokia mobile are eagerly seeking the exact release date of the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024 after hearing the viral news of a Nokia flagship smartphone. However, We can’t give you a release date for this phone yet. There is an expected release date of 25th October 2024 for the Nokia X60 Pro 5G 2024, although it could be delayed due to updates to features or company Problems.

Nokia X60 Pro Price:

Several factors should be considered when buying a new smartphone, including smartphone prices. For the moment, Nokia hasn’t indicated what the Nokia X60 Pro GSMArena would cost. We’re going to tell you the price of this upcoming phone. In terms of price, the Nokia X60 Pro 2024 costs USD 699 (United States Dollars), 946 AUD (Australian Dollars), 33500 INR (Indian Rupees), 552500 Nigerian Naira (NGN) 58190 RUB (Russian Ruble), 950 SGD (Singapore Dollars), and 2625 SAR (Saudi Riyals).

We will provide you with a lot of information regarding the new Nokia 6600 5G. Have a question about Nokia’s upcoming smartphone, 6600 5G? Please leave a comment. We will receive your comments as soon as Our team responds.

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